Cream tea

If you find yourself wandering Truro in search of a cream tea, then wander no more.

We’ve taken a good while making sure we create the best possible cream tea for you.

Our scones are generous and always freshly baked each day using eggs from St Mawes hens and Rodda’s milk.

The jam is from The Cornish Larder, a lovely young couple, Abi & Jake, who started making Christmas presents for their family and have steadily grown it into a business that supplied jams for the G7 leaders’ breakfasts. Their strawberry jam is laced with Tarquin’s gin, another local success story. In our view, it’s quite simply the best jam there is.

The cream is, of course, Rodda’s - world-famous and made the same way since 1890. Exactly the right thickness to sit proudly atop the jam.

Finally the tea. We chose Fortnum & Mason, founded in 1707 in Piccadilly and purveyors of the world’s finest teas. We recommend the Darjeeling, “the champagne of teas”, harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas, making it one of the highest-grown teas, delivering a subtle taste that’s the perfect accompaniment to the cream tea.

Bread & Butter
Cornish Cream Tea
6.50 for one
12.00 for two

a generous home-made scone, freshly baked today

Cornish Larder
strawberry jam with Tarquin’s gin
(we recommend this goes on your scone first!)

Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream
(cream of the crop, always on top)

a pot of tea for one made with
Fortnum & Mason silk bags
choose from
Earl Grey Classic
Moroccan Mint Green Tea

Royal Blend decaf

maybe add…
mimosa - prosecco and orange juice £6
extra pot of Fortnum’s tea for one £4.50
upgrade your Fortnum’s tea to a larger pot + £1.50
home-made double chocolate brownie £2.95
(warmed with Callestick ice cream +£1.50
cake of the day £3.00 (add cream +£1)

cream tea truro square
cream tea truro square

cream tea truro
cream tea truro

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cream tea truro square
cream tea truro square


Available Monday to Saturday, 2pm-4pm

Available Monday to Saturday, 2pm-4pm