Fathers' Day

Dads are great, aren't they? Show your dad (or any dad) that you love them with our Mancake Jamboree:

  • Bottomless fluffy, American pancakes, with jugs of ALL our usual toppings (yes, build your own pancake Shangri-La of caramel sauce, maple syrup, bluberries, strawberries, bananas, chocolate chips - mmm-mmmm)

  • Bottomless hot drinks

  • An orange juice or apple juice each

All this for just £20 per person
(£10 for ages 3-10*).

Bacon is £2 extra per portion.

You'll have the table for 1h45, starting either

  • between 10 and 10.30; or

  • between 12 and 12.30.

We are expecting to be busy, so please book using the form on this page and we will confirm your booking by text message, along with a pre-payment link.

Cancellations: we'll refund any places you book tht we are able to resell - so if you book for 4 and we resell your table to 3 people, we'll refund 3, and of course we promise to be fair about it.


Dogs, you have no idea what a fuss we'll make of you, but could you stay in the garden please to help people with allergies. Way more interesting things to smell there, so it's totally the best place.

Spike, chin off the

table please...