Friday night dinner: lasagne alla Bolognese

Friday night dinner: lasagne alla Bolognese

If you've never tasted lasagne like it should be, cooked by people who know how to do it properly, then this is the moment.


And believe us, thanks to Ugo Massimo and his mamma Daniela, you won't be disappointed.


Ugo's incredible fresh pasta with a Bolognese sauce cooked for three hours by Mamma Daniela using Cornish beef from Brian Etherington and a little pot of parmigiano on the side to sprinkle as liberally as you wish.


This is  a generous portion for one person.


Order by 12 noon Weds, for collection from Bread & Butter, 20 River Street, Truro on Friday or Saturday, 9am-4pm.

  • Ingredients, allergens and more info

    Tomato sauce: (26%), tomato, salt.


    Pasta: (25%), Durum wheat, semolina


    Sauce: Eggs, soyabeans, water, beef (10%), de-alcoholised wine from concentrate, salt, metabisulphite, celery, carrots, onions, olive oil, parmesan (milk), salt. milk, butter (mIlk), flour (wheat), salt, nutmeg (nuts).


    The FSC mixed board containers are NOT designed for the oven, but are suitable for freezing and microwaving.

VAT Included