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What to expect in 'the new normal'...



After the seismic rift that Covid has put through businesses like ours, we really appreciate your choice to come to a locally-owned, family business – thank you. 

In these strange times we've had to make a few changes so we still offer a wonderful experience for our customers, whilst also ensuring a Covid-safe and sustainable business.

keeping you safe

In our garden our brilliant booths are fully separated from each other to ensure good social distancing.


Upstairs inside, we've taken out some tables so the rest are safely apart from each other.


Naturally, between customers we sanitise the tables and seats religiously.


We will not generally be wearing face-coverings until government advises that we have to, but will do our best to ensure we keep a safe distance from you.


​bookings and walk-ins

We're happy to accept walk-ins and will find you a table if we can. But having fewer tables, means:

  • we recommend booking (click here); and

  • we unfortunately have to limit each sitting to an hour, or a little more if you’re a larger party.


when you arrive


We'd be grateful if you could arrive as close to your allotted time as possible, as there will probably be others following your booking.


Please come to our back garden gate (to the left of Barbiere), where we will greet you, ask you to sanitise your hands and show you to your table.


until we get back on our feet…


As we’ve lost so much income this year, we've decided not to give out tap water to reduce the washing-up on things we don’t make any money on. We’ve also paused the loyalty scheme, but it will be back in electronic form at some point, and any stamps you accrued before Lockdown will be transferred across.


tough times, hard decisions

All of these things really go against the grain when we work so hard to make our customers feel ‘treated and delighted’, but we hope you understand the tight position businesses like ours are in. If you think we’ve got it wrong, please feel free to drop us a line at the email address below.


Thank you for your understanding and again for your choice to come here.


Charlie, Kate and the team



Please come to the front door as usual to choose:

  • delicious Origin coffee

  • home-made cakes, muffins, brownies and more

  • frittata and inventive super-salads

  • generously filled toasted
    ciabatta rolls