Breakfast / brunch menu

  • Mon to Sat : 9am - 12pm

  • Sun : 10am - 2pm

Lunch menu

  • Mon to Sat : 12 - 4pm

Cream tea

  • Mon to Sat  : 2 - 4pm


We are so lucky that things grown and produced here in Cornwall and the Westcountry are so often amongst the best available anywhere. 

So naturally, for everything on our menu, we choose the best quality local and regional products we possibly can, and we are proud that we've been awarded Gold by Taste of the West.

We don't skimp on quantity either. If it's a choice of 'leave it out' or 'put in it', we always put it in!

Because quite simply, we want you to have the best experience here we can possibly provide.

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Some of our wonderful suppliers...